New Tabletop Displays Available to Wholesalers this Spring

Cosmetic Skin Solutions, LLC is pleased to announce we will now be offering customized Cosmetic Skin Solutions acrylic table top displays to wholesale customers who resell the brand! Please see the attached image of the poster. The final stand image [...]

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Proud to be a Certified Compliant Facility

Cosmetic Skin Solutions, LLC is proud to announce that our laboratory manufacturing facility has passed Inspection under the Environmental Health Section NAC 585.705, NAC 585.715, and NAC 585.720 with the Department of Health and Human Services Nevada Division of Public [...]

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Copper Peptide and Olive Serum – Selected for beauty magazine feature!

Cosmetic Skin Solutions products has been featured in the Eugene Group Hong Kong Beauty Magazine! Cosmetic Skin Solutions was carefully selected following a board review on the safest, gentlest, yet most effective antioxidant skin care products in the market. Our [...]

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Announcing A New Division

Cosmetic Skin Solutions, LLC has opened a brand new division for component sales! All the highest quality bottles and droppers of varying colors, shapes, and sizes are now available for sale! For more information or to view our components inventory, [...]

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New Products and the 2017 Catalog

Copper Peptide Serum and Olive Serum are officially now available for purchase on Cosmetic Skin Solutions, LLC! We haven't officially sent out a Newsletter as of yet, but we have plans to do so very soon! Each and every website [...]

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A New Look For Our Velvet B12 Peptide and Soothing B5 Peptide

Cosmetic Skin Solutions, LLC is excited to announce that our Velvet B12 Peptide and Soothing B5 Peptide antioxidants will now be available in beautifully frosted colored bottles matched to the products color with screen printing on the exterior similarly to [...]

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Introducing Copper Peptide Serum and Olive Serum

Cosmetic Skin Solutions, LLC is excited to announce our newest products Olive Serum and Copper Peptide set to arrive in early January 2017! Please see below for additional information on these 2 new products! Both products can be applied post IPL [...]

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Why Face Masques are Good for Your Skin?

Face masques are fun and cute and they can easily give your face a mini facial  in a matter of minutes!   Whether you're going out on a date or you just want to pamper yourself for the night,   [...]

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What’s your skin type?

In order to give your skin proper treatment and care, you need to know your skin type first. Knowing your skin is the only way you can determine which beauty product is suitable for you. So which skin type do [...]

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Vitamin C

Do you want brighter, healthy and glowing skin?   Do you want to look ageless, radiant and fresh? Then Vitamin C is the answer!   Vitamin C isn't just good for treating a cold, it can do so many wonders [...]

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